Magic Section for Elementor Page Builder

Magic Section widget is another off-grid Elementor widget that allows you to show and Elementor section off-grid by clicking on a trigger. This widget opens the door for numerous ideas which you can use to show more content in less space.

Advanced Triggers

There are allot of customization options for magic section trigger, it can be a button or an icon, also it can appear inside a section or floating.

Customizable Content

The magic section can appear from any direction and it has to options to show: slide and push. Also we can customize all it’s style aspects.

Show Any Content

You can create an Elementor template, put whatever content in it and just turn it to a magic section. Also you can just add simple content with the text editor.

Lots Of Uses And Applications

With magic section Elementor Widget you create off-grid menus, special offers, forms and any kind of content. It’s very easy, just create the Elementor template you desire and load it into the magic section. use your imagination to come up with creative ideas to implement your website content using magic section.