Facebook Reviews Widget

The first Elementor widget that made it possible to show how your customers appreciate you right on your website. It’s all done inside Elementor Page Builder.

Easy Like Never Before

facebook reviews

No More Apps.. No More Access Tokens..!

And yes, we did it! Facebook Reviews Widget for Elementor Page Builder will work with a single login button! No more apps, and no more access token! All you have to do is to login using your own account, if you are managing more than one page, then choose which page you want to implement the reviews from and that’s it!

Facebook Reviews Has

Lots of Customization Options

You are totally free to display or hide the data you want from the advanced settings. In addition, you will have the ability to customize and style Facebook Reviews Widget as you want to match your website’s color scheme.

You Will be Able to

advanced options

Show More Reviews in Less Content Area!

It’s proven that existing customers’ positive testimonials and reviews encourage new customers to do business with you, especially if they come from third party like Facebook Reviews.

We are here to help you showing them right on your website with lots of customization options.

Not Only Facebook Reviews Widget

Yelp and Google Reviews Are Here!

Make your webpage richer by adding customers’ reviews from different social platforms. Facebook Reviews, Google Reviews, and yelp Reviews are all included in Premium Addons PRO for Elementor Page Builder.

Facebook Reviews

Facebook Reviews

Google Reviews

Google Reviews

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