Gradients for Elementor Page Builder

Premium Animated Gradient Backgrounds is an Elementor’s section option that allows you to create animated background for Elementor sections from inside the section layout tab.

Subtle Yet, Eye-Catching

The main purpose for any website is to generate leads and to do so you need something that grabs visitors’ attention to the most important call to actions and content on your website and here comes Elementor animated gradients section options magic.

Another Unique Elementor Addon

Animated Section Gradients Addon can be controlled directly from section options panel. It can be applied on both regular sections and sections created inside sections to give your backgrounds another diminution of creativity.

Will Make Any Content look Nicer

All experienced web designers understand the power off halo effect. Giving website’s visitors strong first impression is always a good idea.

Did it Grab Your Attention?

Animated Section Gradients gives you the ability to make strong eye-catching effect for sections that holds important information or a call to action.

Parallax is Nice But Animated Gradients is The Most Trendy Background Style Now!

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