Charts Widget for Elementor Page Builder

Premium Charts widget allows you to create amazing data charts inside Elementor. You can create almost any kind of charts with tons of customization options. 

Visualize Your Data Beautifully

Elementor Charts Widgets helps you turn your data to amazingly beautiful charts. You can create many charts types to present whatever data you have.

Charts widget for Elementor also has many customization features like adding legend, chart title, x and y axis titles and many other options. You have a full control over colors and chart size.

Line Chart

Pie Chart

7 Charts Types

Whatever hoe much data you want to present there are 6 charts types available in Elementor Charts Widget..

Linear and Logarithmic Charts

Elementor Charts Widgets can be used to produce charts that uses linear and logarithmic scales. The linear scale is the one which is used by default in the widget however you can switch to logarithmic if this is important for the type of data you are presenting to be interpreted correctly. 

 Much more customization options are available for you to create whatever chart you need we believe that this widget will save you allot of money you could spend for separate charts plugin or even special charts software.

Radar Chart

Vertical Bar Charts

Single Bar Chart

Multi Bars Chart

Horizontal Multi Bar Chart

Polar Area Chart

Doughnut Chart