Premium Vertical Scroll Widget

Elementor Vertical Scroll Widget allows you to create beautiful vertical scroll pages inside Elementor Page builder with many customization options. Vertical Scroll is a FREE widget included in Premium Addons for Elementor Plugin.

The First Free

Elementor Vertical Scroll Widget

We are glad to add the much needed widget: Vertical Scroll to our Free Elementor Addons we offer in our plugin since many users already asked for it.If you are interested in vertical scrolling you can also check Elementor Multi-Scroll Widget which have even more advanced functionality.

Vertical Scrolling

Create amazing pages with attractive vertical scrolling functionality in minutes inside Elementor Builder.

Fully Responsive

Elementor Vertical Scroll Widget and all other widgets and addons included in Premium Addons are fully responsive.

Smart Navigation

There are two navigation methods included in vertical scroll widget: Custom menu navigation and dots menu.

Premium Vertical Scroll Widget

Elementor Addon

Premium Vertical Scroll Widget

Your vertical scroll page will appears beautifully on any device as vertical scroll is fully responsive and doesn’t need any coding skills to work perfectly on mobile and tables.


Premium Vertical Scroll Addon

Use whatever content you want inside vertical scroll widget sections. Just create the Elementor templates you want to ue for each section and insert them and you are done.