Hotspot Widget for Elementor Page Builder

Premium Hotspots Widget allows you to create interactive banner with image, heading and text with impressive interactive animations. Premium banner includes 6 preset styles.




My Lamp


My Computer


Amazing View

Tell Your Image's Story

Give your visitors more information about your images with Elementor Hotspots Widget. Add as much hotspots to your image as you want with many customization options like:

Engage Your Visitors

Giving your visitors the chance to interact with your website with widgets like Elementor Image Hotspots will make them stay longer on your website which improve the conversion chance. It’s a well known lead acquisition strategy.

It’s recommended to use simple yet eye catching triggers. Animated GIF icons are excellent choice in this case. Also icons and text triggers will do the job hot spots as long they have a good contrast with the image.

You can add any type of content in tooltip even an entire Elementor section from templates.



This is where I spend most of my day coding and designing new websites.

This is my bicycle, I use to go to work almost everyday.